22 June 2012

Hop Skip Jump Run...

over to nell's charming blog today...please!

i had meant to mention earlier in the week what a super dooper giveaway she is kindly offering to mark 250 posts and two years of blogging. i believe it finishes on 24th june so there isn't much time...

nell creates the most gorgeous little knits for bambinos. so different from anything else you'll find. i am in love with the dungarees myself! plus the cutest wee accessories like the hair bows and booties. did you ever see them featured on this lovely family photoshoot?

not only can you win something from her sweet shop happy circus but there is a friendly 20% discount code for all her items on sale and another gorgeous children's clothing shop (a new find for me) called lazer baby vintage. and a chance to be gifted a copy of papier mache magazine.

what is not to love?? i seriously think you should enter the draw. and you will not be sorry to stumble on the goings on at on the first day of marriage. nell writes beautifully about her new family life and creative adventures and then there is josephine! ad-dorable :)


  1. Anonymous23.6.12

    YES so charming ! Thanks Kelly !
    It's my turn to give you a good adress :
    A very special french Hair dresser : Wonderful site ! My favorite "before, after" is : "Anne ma tête à coiffer" ; but all the categories of the site are so great !

  2. oh Emilie...what a fantastic hairdresser. i want my hair cut by fred!!!
    i am seriously considering sending the link of amelie's to my own hairdresser or maybe i could have a go and cut my fringe myself?!
    looking forward to viewing more. thanks so much for the link. i am forever looking for new styles and inspiration. and i desperately need my hair cut right now! much love xXx

  3. Such a lovely post Kelly, thank you so much! Fingers crossed for you to win something - Ben's going to pick the winners when he gets home from work later :) x


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