21 June 2012

Elsa Wears

a new little series from my sketch book...well on a scrap of paper that the girl was painting on too actually. stripey top from zara and belle and boo bloomers. today accessorised with tights. yes tights in june. and imaginary (dairy-free-butter)flies. i am excited to unearth my own watercolours now and make regular doodles...after all the subject is usually across the table with her own paintbrush so i have the perfect reason.


  1. oh Kelly that is gorgeous. Seeing your artwork reminds me of a little scene when you, Abi, Helen Childs and I shared the dorm at the top of Welland House. You had done a sketch of Naomi Campbell, neck down to her waist, naked with her arm covering her breasts. I looked at it as I walked past and noticed you and Abi were leaving each other messages like 'Rifat Ozbek phoned, he asked you to call him back.'

    That was such a fun time wasn't it? Remember Helen singing along to Enya: 'sail away, sail away, sail away..' in the dark on her walkman and us recording her singing, giggling away to ourselves? Bring Elsa up, come and stay with us and we'll go dairy free for a few days xxxxxxx

  2. dearest Jen...you just made me laugh out loud. such a brilliant memory. i do believe that if i had the pleasure of working-living with Abi today then we'd still be in the habit of leaving each other messages of a similar nature! sorry Rifat we never did get back to you ;)

    fond and fun times for sure in that little top dorm. do you remember the late night local radio show we used to tune in to? there was some kind of ongoing quiz?? helen always used to pin towels up against the window too so there wasn't a sliver of light so she could sleep!

    we need that Enya recording!

    i promise we will come and stay. i can't let the chance pass and i know your year is going to whizz on by. will email you soon. love and hugs to you and your littlies xXxXxXxXx

  3. lovely sketch. you are very talented. not great to be wearing tights in June though!

    1. hear hear, isn't she just achingly talented? Imagine producing that while your daughter painted opposite you xx

  4. hei Victoria...you are very kind! hope you are well and happy this friday. how is portland in june? send us some sunshine please :) xXx


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