19 August 2009


on the hottest day for a long time me and bosco are taking refuge indoors in the shade. a second breakfast of ciabatta and marmalade was enjoyed outside (under parasol) before it got too much. we are now enjoying some coolness and a bit of a wander on the internet.

here's the wednesday link list...

listening and doing a bit of a march to stellify (definitely word of the week) mr brown you look a bit older but you are still a favourite in this house

a new favourite handmaker...i can't quite remember how i stumbled on anna alicia's work but i have fallen in love with her felt brooches. london based and here on etsy...she also makes pieces specifically for weddings. gorgeous.

imagining the happiness of a collection of pencil crayons like this!

and last of all...has anyone bought the sartorialist book yet? should i get it?

easing into a bit of creativity today with a little vase mat.


  1. hey kelly,

    phew, it sure is hot out there!! I love those felt flowers; your thoughts are turning autumnal again!!

    love m xx

  2. And I was thinking it was me but it is hot isn't it?
    I have made the most of the heat by doing some washing.
    Those pencils are beautiful.

  3. I agree: the felt blossoms are really wounderful! Thanks for sharing!!By the way: you have a really nice blog! I like it a lot!!


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