03 August 2009


a cup of milk for me before bed and a list

how lovely this new book of evenings is available for pre-order now
looking at a pretty girl on a postcard from a recent visit to manchester art gallery
thinking i'm going to make some more coasters this week for birthday gifts
birds to make you smile (trying to chose a print to buy from this fantastic etsy seller)
we watched this last night and it was quite something

pyjamas are calling. hope you've had a good start to the week in your neck of the woods Xx


  1. Are they my coasters?
    I must say they are a big hit here at Gigibird Towers....after getting over not wanting to spoil them they are on the table and admired by all.

  2. kelly, your coasters are lovely!!
    and your post is full of other lovelies too.
    hope you got a good nights sleep xxx

  3. Hi darling,

    i love the coasters, is there no end to your ideas? Early nights with milk will be just the ticket for you in this week of full working days; back to normal next week will be a doddle!!

    love m xx

  4. you have made me want to go to Manchester and sit for hours in the Whitworth, something I used to do as a student often ssiigghhhhh

  5. Such a lot of good things, things to think about too.


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