01 March 2012


to come back.

 a little hibernation was required round here. but thanks for the messages through the winter. hi!

i felt the joy of spring outside today. march has brought us gentle sunshine and that mild air that spins a bit of hope and excitement around your shoulders.

and it made me want to blog. a kind of part II to no no no...see how i employ a little measure of bribery on photoshoots in 2012?!

lots has happened since i last wrote. we have a two year old now! close to beating the dairy allergy (really close but not quite at the green light yet).

i am bursting with inspiration...nice paper projects on the go and lots of little person clothes to make for the new season. but for now we are off to top up on vitamin d...


  1. Anonymous1.3.12

    elsa is just gorgeous - those eyes!
    nice to see you back

  2. Lovely to see you back again. Gorgeous colours in the photographs. I always keep a lolly pop in my bag for when a bribe is needed!!! Looking forward to seeing all your new ideas and projects.

  3. Hooray! Kelly good to see you back. And oh she is so pretty! Happy birthday little one. And that fabric - swoon! Happy spring and thank goodness you've found your sunshine mojo! lou xxx

  4. It has been lovely to read some posts from you again - these pics are so gorgeous! She is a beaut! I gave you a Sunshine award on my blog :)


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