01 December 2011


(that's as opposed to HO HO HO)

our week began with some photos. for our christmas card.
but no smiles. not my usual no worries to pose girl.
later on...horrible high temperatures.
a birthday party missed. tears and scary hives.

i had a moment of understanding the children and animals thing.

we abandoned project card!
and there are always 1st class stamps.

i am glad to say that with a lot of cuddles and calpol and time on the sofa together with toy story we are seeing our girl get back to her bouncy self.
and right on time for december...so much to be excited and be well for this month!

tree goes up tomorrow.

day one dairy-free advent calendar. a fairy. (bizarre...with a bare bottom?)
verdict on the chocolate? reject.
but it's only day one. and she has been poorly.

happy december everyone! have you started playing the tunes yet?
my annual treat. a new festive album. this year this one.


  1. Happy December, hope she perks up soon! Your wallpaper is to die for xx

  2. oh i do hope she feels much better really soon Kelly. poor wee thing. thanks for the link to the Christmas album.
    A very Happy december to you x

  3. ahh glad she's on the mend, 'tis the season for bugs round our house too!

  4. I like the reject photo secession!
    I'm glad to see Elsa's on the mend.
    Ho ho ho

  5. Anonymous6.12.11

    poor little lamb! we hope she feels better soon!

    claire, isla and maisie

  6. poor babe! :(( I hope elsa feels so, so much better soon and that you had gorgeous christmas in the end... sending lots of festive love!!

  7. It's been a while. Hope you had a great Christmas and NY and E got well quickly.

  8. Oh that first picture is darling... I think you should have sent that on your card :) Hope you had a lovely time x


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