14 November 2011


my mind is full of card ideas.
i have started a quilt...the fantastic little forest one as seen here a few years back. looking forward to stitching a few trees each night then hanging it on the wall when we put up our tree. as soon as december comes...can't wait. elsa has already spotted the decorations box. umm it never made it up into the roof...

i feel quite inspired to somehow turn one of the squares into the card. maybe. i am very bad at going with one idea straight off...wondering if i could think of something better.

no picture of our elf this year. but i must get on to sorting out one of the 3 of us to go inside.

have you seen the john lewis advert?

i love it. beautifully filmed and a song i adore. but it also makes me scared...because it somehow is a wake up call to being a grown up. a parent with ercol kitchen chairs? my daughter's spotty dressing gown? original fan of the smiths? step forward target market mummy. oh well i don't think i will get fed up of seeing it on telly unlike all the other commercials.

looking forward to making the christmas cake with my mum this week. how about you?


  1. Am sitting at my desk crying thanks to that advert! Am so soppy. Lovely pictures by the way x

  2. I love these photos! Brilliant light :)


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