23 March 2012


a gift.

this week i got to hear her voice again. narrating each page. and until i started taking in her words i don't think i'd begun to understand how much i miss my grandma. she has made me laugh and cry as i dipped in to her simple observations and comments on the subjects that she loved. family. food. fashion. food!

how precious to be given the chance to make that connection again. last week my mum and her sisters sorted through their parent's treasures and came across the holiday journals that she written. i can't wait to read more.

two of the diaries from 20 or so years ago when visiting my parents (with me and my brother) when they lived overseas. may i share a little extract?

We were invited to supper with Barbara and Clive next door. It was wonderful. All their best china and glasses and cutlery laid outside with coloured lights and French music. The meal was super. Tiny quail with game chips - mixed casserole with everything imaginable in - lots of veg - crispy bread - then a cake with lemon sauce - French cheese with bread - coffee and mints.

my grandma absolutely loved her food. i'd say about 80% of the writing is culinary themed! it makes me smile...we always talked so much about eating.

1st image taken from mary's diary...her handwriting was always so considered and neat.
2nd image...grandma holding me close in the garden behind her bungalow...probably around elsa's age.


  1. That extract is wonderful and really conjures up the image in my mind. How lovely to find such a treasure. I bet you will spend hours reading these.

  2. What an incredibly beautiful record to have of your Grandma's life. That is so special. This is why I encourage my children to keep on writing letters and stories. Poor things would rather be on a computer, but nothing can beat the written word, especially when re-discovered many years later! Thank you for sharing. x


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