14 April 2011


it's all about words at our place these days

current favourites

"hello cat" ~ translates ~ bosco prepare to be kissed!
"creeeam" ~ emolient elsa ~ her moisturising regime is second to none
"cuddle cuddle" ~ we feel the luckiest people on her planet

photo is of our newish blackboard door
...it is getting lots of chalk action...
today we played name that picture
{these are all words that elsa can + does say now}
...tomorrow it'll be a wipe clean and scribble day...

{so happy with the precious decal by shanna}


  1. Kelly that's GORGEOUS love the blackboard idea. You forget very quickly the words they said when they started chatting. xxx

  2. Love love love this post! You are soooo creative and Elsa is such a clever little poppet! I love to hear her talking. Hugs to you all XxX

  3. "Creeeam!" I love that :) This is adorable!


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