27 February 2009


so in between housework today i have taken photos of little things to lift my mood. like mr hare here with a rose. i have been waiting for a letter all week + today it didn't drop on our doormat again...grrr. i must stop thinking about it then maybe it will come. hey ho.

and on the subject of mail i also got to thinking about how i am the very same (annoying to some from the other side of the glass) customer that gets precious about her parcels when handing them over the counter at the post office. is it wrong to want your stamp/label stuck in pleasing symmetry with the address? i swear i nearly let out a tiny cry of no!! when a biro scribbled to: was written by the man serving me this afternoon on my brown jiffy bag. umm...i think it was pretty clear where it was going. oh dear...i do declare i am a control freak.

it has been a gloriously blue skied sunshine filled laundry blowing on the line spring in the air kind of day though. good for the soul.

this is my friday tune.

happy weekend wishes xxx


  1. Anonymous27.2.09

    i have had a laundry blowing day too...it's been heaven.

    pain about the man spoiling your beautiful package though... i know just how beautiful your packages are having been lucky enough to receive one...i am not surpised you were narked.
    wishing you a lovely weekend Kelly.
    with love

  2. Anonymous27.2.09

    i totally agree you - isn't it annoying when people do not see the simple beauty of things.
    i have just read your post about old town - what interesting clothes and i love the fabrics. it linked me to one brown cow and i would i intend to buy one of the note books with angela lewin designs what one to choose?
    have a good weekend

  3. Little hare is gorgeous. Did you make him?

    Old Town looks great. I've only ever peeked through the windows as it's shut when I seem to be there.


  4. Bunny love.....your cards are amazing.

    I have asked Nigel if we can go to Holt on holiday so I can go to Old Town!!

  5. I am just the same!!! I cant bear it when the post office guy doesnt handle my parcels nicely, and when they stick the white printed price sticker on wonky, or dont press down the corners!

    You have been waiting a week for a letter to arrive, well ive been waiting 10 weeks for one and i keep getting fobbed off about it! Now that really is annoying!!!

    Aqeela xx

  6. Hope the letter arrived, love the hare.

  7. Oh a kindred spirit-can you tell me why when I was 6p short of pretty stuck on stamps on my brown paper and string parcel with stamped butterflys did the man have to stick a big white label on it for 6p could he just use a stamp or two? Do they see how much time I spend making every one fun to open?.......breathe.......

  8. This is such an adorable rabbit, great polaroid! (love that story about the stamp/label aligning to the address, I know what you mean...)-psst, I am a secret control freak too :P


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