15 March 2009


another day...another excuse to spoil mr b. ikea linen print with some amy butler garden maze and a bit of ochre satin slub...all backed with a remnant from an old ikea quilt. he's in a mustardy mood this season.

this one is on our bedroom windowsill. you see he has different lookout posts and snoozing spots for different times of the day. because cats can you know. and you can't get quite as comfy on a plain wooden sill.

it's very important to be able to keep an eye on the goings on at front of the house.

if i had a girl cat i think i'd have no choice but to make something like this...how wonderful!


  1. must make something macho for my neighbour's new addition, Jackson.

    Colours are perfect for Mr B.

  2. Aww, he looks absolutely content there on the beautiful new quilt in his lookout post :) lucky mr b!

  3. Oh, I love this! What a fantastic idea. I love the fabrics that you've chosen.

    The bed you link to: it is utterly bonkers...but I have two girl cats and oddly, I feel quite desperate to have one of these gorgeous little beds for them. But as they have so far shown no interest at all in my daughter's dolls crib, I'm guessing it may be a wasted effort.

  4. Mr. B is a very lucky cat! Hope you are doing good, speak soon,

    L x

  5. The Hound is very jealous, and wonders if you do something in a tweed?


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