24 February 2011


some new revamp~restoration projects...

the sweetest little person chair. £4 from our local hospital charity shop.
the plan...rub down...then either wax or paint {i am currently favouring albany wimbledon}...new cushion and upholstery. to match in with the sitting room...which still needs finishing. shameful.

cabinet for the hallway. £10 reduced to £5 from my favourite auction overspill in st ives.
plan...rub down...paint {perhaps?} in grey. perfect for the phone and key bowl and a flower to greet you. oh for an anenome in an urchin. it is {definitely} to sit in front of another project...an out of use hallway door to be painted top to toe as a blackboard. but there is work to be done before we can all doodle messages and i can indulge in a decals.

this much i know. i am good at envisaging possibilities. less good at getting them going these days.

i am thinking that spring will be an inspiration as far as colour schemes and motivation goes. and as that's about 3 weeks away then it suits me perfectly. i'll probably decide on what to do 19th march.

i am unbelievably slow these days in starting let alone completing jobs. and that's the nice jobs as well as the mundane! but i have to say that today the sun came out. i sat in it's warmth...one i'd almost forgotten...and whilst my baby girl napped in the fresh air i drank a cup of tea sat on our bench...noticed the buds on the lilac bush and thought ok. i'm ready. bring on the manifesto!

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  1. I cannot wait to see what you do. Wasn't it beautiful yesterday?

    If you finish your projects, i have a garage full of things that will be quite lovely when they have been reupholstered or Farrow and Balled....

    You are most welcome to them.



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