27 February 2011


ladies (and gentlemen?)
...i find myself stuck in a funny place with clothing right now.

my relationship with my wardrobe could do with a little therapy.
having hoarded garments from student days and size 10 days and on a whim days i am parting company with lots of things. no room for sentiment i feel like i want to chuck it all out and start again. ever feel like that?

i have pretty much created my own uniform lately of long sleeved tops plus smock~shirt~vest worn with either a pair of toast jeans (which are actually now too small for me) or brown cords.

i'd like to find that rush of love again as my eyes meet with a thing of beauty. the problem that's been creeping up on me though is having the novelty of a proper grown~up night out and the nothing to wear panic as i frantically flick through the coat hangers i have.

situation solved momentarily when i made a new top. from this book.
and ordered a pair of new boy jeans in the right size. uniform again.
next on the agenda...get thee a dress that you can not wait to show off.
any pointers?


  1. I love the print on that top. I have discovered a love of clothes in the last couple of years that I've never had before. Unfortunately I appear to have a vaguely chavvy a la Victoria Beckham taste in attire. I love very high heels, tight jeans and a little top with lots of bangles, dangly earrings and red lipstick. Having said that I absolutely LOVE dresses. I am lucky that a good friend here owns a gorgeous shop so I get lots of stuff from her. Glad to hear you are planning a night out x

  2. I am greatly admiring your bias binded edges.
    I think with such excellent sewing skills you should carry on working your way through the book!

  3. Love that top, what a gorgeous print! You should make those to order!

    Joules is always a good place for a nice, affordable, no nonsense dress but for something that little bit special - Anthropologie?

    C. x

  4. Well done with the top. Looks fab. Hope you have a lovely evening out in it with your new jeans. I'm desparely in need of new jeans too - my favourite Banana Republic ones just worn through on the bum and knee, and my next fav Levis are looking a little done it too. I just can't bear the thought of trying on loads and loads to find the right pair. Still needs must I suppose! Happy weekending.


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