19 December 2008


that's official. i may need reminding though (mum...please)

and so many great festive posts around right now...when everyone is busy making and inspiring...and yet i can't find the time to read them or to type a comment...bookmarking so many for later.

marzipaning the cake tonight. writing cards for our neighbours to hand deliver tomorrow. birthday cushion to cut out too. needless to say all housework has been shelved for the time being...threads and fluff are turning up in all kinds of places...freezer stock is dwindling by the day...ironing? what's that?

just resting my weary shopping feet...umm i guess it's time to confess i didn't go totally handmade this christmas. a felt dustbuster wasn't available on etsy. sure it would be a much more attractive option but probably wouldn't have quite the suction action required!

so back to the festive jobs for me. hope yours are going to plan. and if you're all done and dusted...please don't tell me...i couldn't take it : )


  1. Hi Kelly,
    It will all fall into place on the day honey, not to worry to much about it all. Just be happy and merry sweetie.
    Have a fabulous time and thank you again for the beautiful bookmark, it's perfect.
    Big hugs,
    Catherine x

  2. I'm sorry can you explain 'dusting' to me?
    I used to have those fluffy white balls - Habitat? Don't know what happened to mine.....Harry!

  3. me and the fluff are becoming good friends lately...but you have some lovely holiday time to look forward to...i hope its a really wonderful one for you dear kelly xxx

  4. You started preparing earlier than many people, I think you did well! I am in love with the white baubles and bells, so lovely and so you. Warm wishes to you and your family for Christmas and New Year!


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