12 December 2008


so just in case you hadn't seen the beautifully crafted work by lynn and stella i would like to open the door to their sweet shop over at folksy for you today. and news on their adventures in stichery can be found over here.
i would very much consider myself a longtime fan of the label and am the proud owner of several special pieces. i love the strong handwriting that they have succeeded in developing.

things have been taking off for the ladies with some nice press in sew hip and country living this month and i am really thrilled (and proud) that their talent is reaching a wider audience.

when i wear my suzy corsage i am always the recipient of a compliment. from the pensioner at the post office..."that's a jolly nice badge you're wearing today young lady!"...to the barrista serving my caffeine treat and spying the adornment on my knitted beret..."where can i get myself one of those then? it's so lovely!" so a purchase is a win-win situation. pleasure in wearing and then going forth to enjoy the charming words from admirers!!

another idea for the christmas shopping basket. supporting handmade is the best!

all images courtesy of florence hope...merci beaucoup!


  1. Absolutely, being unique and rooting for the handmade -yay!

  2. Anonymous16.12.08

    Hi kelly,
    i am so pleased that these girls are getting their moment... country living... sew hip... yeah
    warm wishes
    ginny x


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