01 December 2008


headbands...i wish i could sit and make them all day. i worked 8.30-1 today at the post office which was kerazily busy. car tax and christmas stamps and not a sip of tea to be had...which is a bit frazzling. so to be sitting down and sewing this afternoon is the perfect balance for me. i'm making an emerald one today. reminding me that green really is the best.

and whilst i'm talking things for the hair...i heart these knitted bow bands by dollyknits and have bought one for a special girl. yes my christmas shopping has begun! these come with free postage today which is even better : ) check out her gorgeous neck scarves and arm warmers too!

another etsy favourite is this calloway blue and tan feather headband from featherbrain. it is perfection to me...just the kind of thing to wear to a party this month. and if you are still with me on the hairband fan club then i recommend a click on ban.do all i can say is s-woon!!

happy december xxx


  1. headbands are fabulous, yes they are!!
    happy december to you!

  2. Anonymous1.12.08

    i just got you a christmas present...any ideas?!

  3. Happy Dec Kelly,
    Loving the headband sweetie.
    Sorry it's been a while, wow I've missed lots from you. So am off now to catch up on all your news.
    Catherine x

  4. Love the adorable green one you made and the feather headband, swoon!


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