30 November 2008


on the eve of december i am heavily in to christmas gift research. tomorrow i really need to stop procrastinating and start the purchasing. along the way i'd like to share some ideas which will be mostly of the handmade variety...family and friends look away now!

waterstones have these wonderful penguin classics...with free uk delivery which saves on shopping bag arm ache.

delectably designed by coralie bickford-smith (which as an aside i have to say is such a lovely name) and as alan over on the penguin blog says so perfectly..."her ability to make books so desirable will turn her into a figure of hate during this economic downturn, as she renders people unable to resist buying elegant hardback books, when they should really be eating instead. I am hungry, Coralie! Please stop this! My infant child needs shoes! Coralie, I ate his shoes!"

i am a sucker for a good cover. and rather predictably these 2 are my favourites colour-wise...

(images courtesy of penguin)


  1. Reading from left to right I am rather taken with 4 & 6....
    Bad girl for showing me these.

  2. Simply gorgeous, I would love to buy them just to make my shelves look good.


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