29 November 2008


...a finished project!

here are a few photos of the baby quilt i made this week. after my initial befuddlement over how to understand the pattern instructions i just got stuck in and did my own version. i actually found the wording for the lap quilt design in the sew hip magazine a bit easier to follow so i borrowed a few tips along the way.

i really loved using the lightweight natural wadding...the quilting was great to do too. but the best bit was sitting by the fire and handstiching the binding last night.

i only wish i had a tumble dryer so i could have given it the full quilty treatment before packaging it up. i have read that's what you are supposed to do (do you?)...but i did pre-wash the fabric and then gave it a post-making wash for luck so it headed off nice and soft and scented to baby joshua.

the personalized label was made using these.

this is the card we sent along with the new quilt. it is inspired by a project in one of my precious copies of martha stewart baby magazine. i have made quite a few over the years for new babies but they're also good for any birthday...i think i have 3 more sagittarians lined up this month!


  1. Well done you for doing such a lovely job:)
    Loving the labels....I have often looked at that computer paper but don't you get a lot of waste?
    The card is great too.

  2. This is lovely. I especially like the label you made. : )

  3. hi kelly,

    it's been a while since I visited but i've enjoyed catching up with you; joshua's quilt is so sweet i just know he will snuggle down under it beautifully.
    miss p will look lovely in her headpiece; you may both like to know Rosemary said she had found a divine florist that she knows kelly would love ....... ?
    love M xx

  4. The quilt is so beautiful and cozy looking, I love the added label with your delicate embroidery too!


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