26 November 2008


this week i am attempting to make a cot quilt for a good friend's new baby. it's a version of the coin stack quilt from this book by joelle hoverson...which i really love. i just can not for the life of me seem to able to follow the instructions for the pattern though and so it's been...let's say...an organic experience...i have looked at the photo and tried to replicate as best i can. and it's not just the instructions in this particular book. for some unknown reason i can't grasp the concept of following patterns in general.

i do try. i really do. i am hoping that one day it will just click. especially as there are so many great ones out there. this magazine is full of them. this website has free ones!


  1. well done for the perserverance. i would have given up after the first hurdle. and organic is always good!!

    thinking of you xxx

  2. Hi Kelly! I have very similar problems when trying to follow patterns, between you and me, I put it down to being too intelligent and overcomplicating them;)Sx

  3. I can't follow a pattern and unlike my partner in crime I put it down to being too thick!
    My weakness or should I say one of my weaknesses is an inability to cut out so that is why patchworks strike fear in my heart when I see them.

  4. Beautiful fabrics!


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