04 December 2008


(mr mcc that is...who in fact has only given me flowers on 2 occasions in fourteen years)

but miss pickering does. and boy does she bring good flowers!!

this delicious bunch arrived bright and early on my doorstep via mr postman in a huge box cushioned with tissue. how could i fail to have a good day with a start like that? i skipped off to work with a smile on my face that not even the grumpiest queue-moaner could wipe off. suprises are the best and this one was overwhelmingly generous. did the princess squeal when she was handed hers too i wonder?

i love the list of ingredients that comes with. good for me as i like learning what is what in a floral emporium. and the kind of one where mulled wine is on the go at 4.15pm sounds like a mighty fine establishment!

thanks again simone...xxx

p.s. i really don't mind that ciaran isn't a flowers man. he does buy very special gifts. but i may just hang on to the above recipe card for that elusive bouquet number 3 should he go wild and feel the need in the future!


  1. Anonymous5.12.08

    hi kelly,
    what a beautiful posy...i see there is also some myrtle in it... my favourite x

  2. You can clearly see your lovely bouquet where chosen by a woman who knows her flowers - they are lovely.

  3. what a special gift! those pinks are absolutely gorgeous.

    its interesting what different people choose to send as gifts.

  4. So pleased you liked them, today we have been doming cream roses, guinea fowl feathers all bound in silver birch bark. Aided by gin at 3.45pm!
    Enjoy the evening of the swishy dress,

  5. Beautiful flowers, humm....how to drop hints?


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