05 December 2008


listening to this as i get the production line of my christmas cards going. thinking about painting my nails for a special do that we're off to tonight and looking forward to putting on my swishy dress. drinking coffee and eating one of those toffee waffle things that has been sitting on top of the cup going gooey. wondering how i am going to get all the things made that i want to give as gifts but enjoying shopping for handmade too. knowing that this weekend is my last chance to get the garden in order...already left too late. plotting a convincing case to get c to let me buy our tree this weekend! x


  1. enjoy your xmas preperations kelly. i love hearing about the build-up :)

    have a lovely weekend xx

  2. hope you have a good time in your swishy dress! toffee and coffee sound good. yum.

  3. I want a toffee biscuit on top of a cup of coffee.
    Loving those little birds.....

  4. Love this piece, it's beautiful! Painting nails and swishy dress sounds like fun...


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