25 July 2011


after a sunday of chasing our little one round and round the church green...energy zapped (and an evening glass of wine gone straight to the knees) we collapsed. and i had to smile as we lay there and my husband gave praise to beds of the world!! "isn't it so good how you can just take the weight off your feet and wow...rest your whole weary body". such a pleasure indeed. and perhaps that little giving of thanks made way for one of the best visits to the land of nod we've had in ages. elsa didn't come to join us until after 6am! (yes this is a good nights sleep round here).

so it is more running about for her from now on. and more high fives to the mattresses...frames...pillows...sheets...blankets...those things that make up the heavenly place to drift away. we salute you.

happy monday. today i am quilt making with my mum. tomorrow i shall show and tell you about our projects and plans.


  1. No wonder you had a good night's sleep - look at how beautiful your bed is. A bed like that is sure to bring sweet dreams!

  2. ooh, and this was next on my list - to write you an email my lovely friend! i have missed you!!

    i cant wait to hear about your projects and plans too!

    i hope you enjoyed some creative time..

    speak soon (it has been tooooo long!) xxxx

  3. Beautiful bed and love the wallpaper. Yes, I do love to lie back on crispy white bedlinen and feel myself drifting into a deep sleep. Funny how as adults we do so love the thought of a good night sleep, and yet the children fight off sleeping and try their best to stay awake as long as possible every night.


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