26 July 2011


my mum and i have been enjoying a return to sewing collaborations of late. in fact we have even got in to a groove of working officially together every monday at her house where she has an amazing (and tidy!) new studio...sharing a big desk space and then continuing on the projects back in our own homes through the week.

i really like the feeling of that bit of structure to start my creative week. by no means is it formal...one of us is usually reading a story to our "helper" or trying to keep her amused with fabric scraps. but at some point we head out for a stroll and elsa naps for at least an hour...which is when we can go mad on our sewing machines and break out all those dangerous things. you know...pins and scissors and metal rulers...the kind of things that every toddler insists they'd rather play with than the wonderful basket of lovingly selected toys that has been put in front of them.

anyway back to my tear sheet talk. and this is something i've been hanging on to for ages. from an old waitrose food illustrated. a recipe for baked trout stuffed with hazelnuts and rosemary. which sounds divine. i adored the delicate colourway of the photo.

and so we are making a quilt to sell. we make so many for friends and family (as there seems to be a non-stop baby boom in our part of the world) and then the odd private order. but we are interested in stocking up a little online shop too and so i think this will be the first to go on the shelf. more details to follow...


  1. i love the way you found your inspiration and are turning it into such a beautiful quilt. Some one is going to be a very lucky baby.

  2. Elsa's sandals are too cute for words

  3. The idea of selling your quilts is perfect.
    I wish I could join creative Monday's in the studio...Elsa and hili could keep each company and I would get my brushes out while you both whizz away.. :) x
    Have a lovely weekend k.


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