05 October 2012

as the summer drew to a close i enjoyed working on a couple of quilts for new babies. our little team of two...that is my mum and me...pieced together the small squares with love.

this one for a friend who is very girly. she loves pink and it seemed just right to make something for her own daughter in those lovely sugar icing tones. and tonight we get to deliver it to the new family in the hope of a swap for a cuddle with wee betsy.

elsa has bought her a rabbit doll. i have spent most of the day trying to convince her that she really should not keep it for herself. that it will make her a really nice friend to give a special present. what will she do?


  1. So beautiful ... perfect colours for a baby girl ... I'm not sure my little one would part with the bunny either :) ... Bee xx


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