01 October 2012

new season hopes...a creative autumn.
easing in to blogging again. i have such a block. i wonder if just writing a bit and more often will clear my head somehow. and inspire me to document family life and making things.

so i will be participating in kcwc most definitely...details and plans to follow in a post this week.

my other plans for octobernovemberdecember? will you check back tomorrow? x

two years ago manifesto


  1. love your haircut! hi k. can't wait to hear more about your autumn plans. xo

  2. cute hair cut!

  3. You picture reminded me of the elastic I sewed into my little ones teeny tiny ballet shoes last night...a bit fiddly, but I got there in the end.

    Nina x

  4. Looking forward to seeing your makes and plans for the coming months ... cute hairdo :) ... Bee x

  5. Hurrah! Looking forward to more bloggish updates!


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