28 September 2012

at last i have found a book to get me back in to reading again. no more flicking through magazines in bed...i have become engrossed in how to be a woman. have been laughing out loud which has intrigued my husband as he peeks from behind his maths book next to me.

yes i found love with a man who likes a puzzle.

i have never been a really big reader of fiction. i used to read a lot more when i got the train to work and obviously pre-e. i am much more drawn to memoirs or words on food. yes i always have a cookery book of some sort on my bedside table. who knows why i studied english lit for a' level?

joy of joys there is a kitchen diaries II...september treat!

another month scooting by. it is time to think of plans for autumn and i am going to make a promise to post every day here through october so i can get back in to the groove of blog life. i will begin on 1st with my manifesto...it's my auntie's birthday that day and at least i'm a little bit ahead for once. hope you all have a lovely weekend. what are your plans? ours involves chopping wood and eating cake and watching delicacy and also *exciting* having some photos taken of our home and us...


  1. Thank you for telling us about that film, i'm going to rent it. I love audrey tautou, ii think she is so beautiful.Your blog is looking lovely by the way!

  2. oh i have an audrey-crush going on too. i seek out any film she is in! hope you have a lovely weekend :) and thanks for the thumbs up on the blog...i am trying to refresh it a bit so i feel spending more time in it. xx


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