06 August 2011


ok...so only in the house.
and in the bedroom this evening with my little miss. not getting ready to go out. warm soya milk was the tipple. a white onesie was the look.
yes the photos look calming but we rocked to a little bit of this.
and this. isn't music amazing? (elsa's new favourite word..."am-ay-zing!" oh and "it's broke")
and a few more rhinestones stuck on our wallpaper after her lights out...i am embracing my old life as employee of a disco ballroom latin couturier for the most tan-some folk of the world.

i hope you found some tunes to make you happy this weekend.

tomorrow a wee giveaway.


  1. Amazing is a new fave word for Ruby too! And she loves singing along with Bruno Mars songs in the car. Not many Saturday nights out partying here these days either!

  2. so cute! hili loves music and dancing too! some faves are justin bieber and adele!

  3. I was thinking about getting this wallpaper for our entrance. It looks freakin good!


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