07 August 2011


a little while back i bought some lovely letterpress cards from hannah over at little red press...i was so pleased with them as i had a few special birthdays and our own wedding anniversary to celebrate. hannah is super friendly and helpful and if you ever need a unique card in a hurry she's your girl!

there is something i like about seven as a number (and yes as a name too as it goes.) if it means anything special to you please leave a comment and i'll do a little draw on friday 12th august for this card and tag set. and if you'd be so kind hop over for a peek at the little red press folksy shop for more brilliant paper goods.


  1. I do rather love the number seven but only because it means so much to others. When I was 15 my parents lived in Malaysia and we were astonished at the cost and lengths some were willing to go to in order to have the number 7 on their number plate. I like the attachment to something arbitrary.
    But I really, really get excited about letterpress x I love it.
    Kelly have a look at www.ribbonsofred.com
    they use letterpress to great effect
    as do

  2. 7 is the number that surfers count the waves. Waves come in a series of 7's, the 7th being the largest. There you go... my travelling for years and hanging out on beaches was worth something! Lou x

  3. 7 {along with 4} is one of my favourite numbers, we just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, {having just turned 6} my George has started in his 7th year, {he's also got a lot of friends turning 7 over the coming months!} i was also born in '77

  4. In the Hebrew, seven means "to be full or satisfied, have enough of." It's considered the perfect number!

  5. marianne10.8.11

    7 is my special number, born on the 7th, weighing in at 7lb 7oz. And all good things happen to me on the 7th too - special friends are made, special trips are taken (sometimes happening by happenstance too!)
    (Love your banner by the way!)

  6. Hi Kelly
    I've enjoyed popping back every so often to your lovely blog and did a double take when I found myself staring at my own work!! How lovely of you - thank you! Hope whoever wins enjoys the Seven card & tag.

  7. They're awesome. Especially love that last tag xx


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