07 June 2012

This Week. Today. Right Now.

i am having a lot of fun with masking tape right now.
this is a wedding message to go with a commissioned cushion. 

this week i heard some fantastic baby news from a dear friend.
a wee miracle and a similar journey to our own.
i keep smiling every time i read the note she sent me. a secret smile.

have you read tim's beautiful post today?
i felt goosebumps when i sat pouring over the words this morning.
my coffee going cold and tears on my toast.


  1. Oh yes, I was weeping into my cornflakes reading Tim's post today - probably when you were! Nice to have some baby news from your friend - warms the heart. Lovely makes there too :) x

    1. hi kerry...yes i think we were teary eyed in stereo this morning!

      i actually can't think of a better way to begin a day though. reading tim's words (his view and so incredibly heartfelt) and seeing those images left me with a sense of complete awe all day. life is amazing. i think unless you write about that experience straight off then it's impossible to remember within a few weeks. i feel very lucky that our story was a much easier (and shorter!) event. i would secretly love to read my partner's side of the birth though. i wonder if kesh can look at those photos yet?!

      and thanks for the thumbs up on the makes. it is so nice to be squeezing in creative time to my days again :) x

  2. Hey lovely, love the card, This reminds me I need to commission a quilt.....I think I mentioned it when I saw you, turquoises and greens and for a boy due mid August please. xxxx

    1. evening janet...aww thank you. i am having fun cutting and sticking with my new mt! yes i did remember you mentioning it and i would be delighted to start work on the quilt soon. those colours are right up my street :) will email you with more details v soon. lots of love xXx

  3. How amazing is Roo's Birth Story. Crazy beautiful. And not too unlike our own, so made me very teary thinking back to it.

    And I love that card. What beautiful news for your friend. A very dear friend of mine has been through a similar thing - she lost 3 babies last year and now is pregnant with triplets! Completely naturally! It's amazing!

    Of course you can link to the giveaway, how very lovely of you!

    Have a beautiful weekend xx

    1. hello nell! yes life has an amazing way sometimes...and that is an amazing story about your friend. when things get bad it is good to remember that your heart will be light again. so happy for her! you'd better get a-knitting!!!

      i will be sure to mention your giveaway next week. it would be nice to introduce some new readers to your beautiful blog and work xxx

  4. What a beautiful quilt! I love the hand stitching you do around the side, what a nice touch. And the date, such personal touches that make it unique and special! Very nicely done!


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