09 January 2009


january has been a great deal about books and films so far. me and c have watched so many fill-ums (that's in an irish accent!) lately. not all good but some are well worth a look. french rom-coms on dvd...priceless and i do were so-so but just have to be loved for the leading ladies. cosying up with coffee and chocolates at the cinema for australia and slumdog millionaire did not disappoint (although i would like mr jackman a little less muscly!) one thing i loved about both was the gorgeous abundance of beautiful colour. very much needed in the bleak winter we've got right now here in england. (try taking a decent photo this week sans flash...i dare you...making me realise i must get round to getting myself a tripod)

books are such a sanctuary this month. savouring sofa time with some very special books which i was lucky enough to receive at christmas (and will post about soon) and also adoring these two library loans which will probably be renewed at least twice over as i struggle to part with them when the time comes!

shirley and raymond. i love reading biographies and these combine that subject with wonderful illustrations. both are strongly family orientated which reaches out to me emotionally.

ethel + ernest...the true story of his parents. in comic strip style. moving and funny in equal doses.

a life drawing...lovely warm andecdotes with photos and sketches and lots of nods to other artists who i've made note to research. oh and the cards she made for her loved ones over the years are a joy to behold in particular.

both books deliver immediate comfort in the childhood memories they evoke. and now revisiting their work i'm inspired all over again. i'd really love to find that freedom on paper...me and my pencil need to loosen up this year!

p.s. thank you all so much for the concern for bosco...he is doing really well and is getting way too many cuddles as you can imagine

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  1. these images evoke so many lovely memories, thanks for sharing.


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