10 January 2009


i have orange on the brain. this lady started me thinking and now it's all i can ponder on.

we have a very precious standard lamp that my grandad made and i have been itching to paint it for ages now. it could just be the catalyst for redecorating our sitting room. i have plans. but it is on the to-save-for list...a little pot of paint isn't pushing the budget too far though and so i'll be hunting down the right shade pretty soon. any recommendations for wood? the last time i used one of those mixed to order oil based glosses and it seemed so heavy and gloopy to handle. i am falling for babouche by f+b...purely based on the name and my sentimentality for a pair of shoes i have in that exact colour.

seville marmalade almond tart baked today to take to a friend's for supper tonight. doesn't that tipple look delicious too?

hope your weekend is a happy one. looking forward to a week of colour here starting monday.


  1. I would recommend either emulsion and then knock it back with wire wool or dead flat oil.

    I get obsessed by certain colours quite regularly.....

  2. HI Kelly,
    everything looks so yummy, hope it all went well sweetie.

    I always use emulsion paint on all my wooden items and varnish it with a water based gloss look one from Dulux. Not sure about using it on a wooden light shade, but you can only ask in the DIY stores.

    Happy new sweetie.
    Catherine x
    Ps you're beautiful book mark made me feel a whole lot better the other when i was in bed with a tummy bug, just sitting reading and smelling the lavender really worked. thanks honey x

  3. I forgot to say give Bosco a big snuggle and belly rub from us in the cupcake house, he's sooo cute.
    We're happy he's all better now.
    C x

  4. Loving those colours. Marmalade making season again, must get the jam pan out!
    L x

  5. Orange and grey - perfect. I always think that colour should be solid and really stand out, so i always go for a full on gloss. The yellow was actually a front door paint, hardwearing and super glossy but takes for ever to dry between coats. The dresser went orange on Saturday with an indoor non drip gloss, and is going to need a lot od coats before it can be debuted!

  6. Your collage sketch book is beautiful.
    The tarts...Mmmm! Hope everything goes well with the redecorating.


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