07 January 2009


now you see it...now you don't

bosco...don't scare us like that again! we just had a fretful 24 hours with mr b who got very poorly and couldn't be perked up (not even with his beloved tuna) and a visit to the vet ensued along with things we didn't want to hear like heart mummur...x-ray...anaesthetic. but i am very happy to say that he is home again. foreign body removed...heart beating fine. funny shaved neck and paw. tuna well and truly scoffed...and then some. back on the bed. and even a purr. it is so good to see him making familiar shapes. sigh...these furry ones tug at the heart strings don't they?


  1. Anonymous7.1.09

    hi kelly... how scary for you... so glad to hear bosco is on the mend though and you can now breathe a sigh of relief. you are sure right...they do tug at those heart strings.
    sending you and bosco love
    ginny x

  2. Gosh poor Bosco, although seems to be relishing in the attention. The Hound had the staples taken out of his back today, since the accident he has been so indulged. Heart strings tugged to the extreme!

  3. oh! so scary! i'm glad he is home and feeling better. xo

  4. So sorry to hear that Bosco was poorly - bless him - but v glad to see he is now on the mend - he's such a cutie. Heart strings indeed! sending lots of love and best wishes from me + n XxX

  5. Heart strings tugged indeed! Poor Mr. Bosco, send him my love x
    We had a scare with little Miss Lexie just before Chirstmas, she scoffed a bar of galaxy so had to be rushed to the vets to be made sick before it got into her system. That was an expensive bar of chocolate!
    L xx

  6. What was it?

    Poor Mr B.

    Love and cuddles from me and Harry.

  7. ah bless bosco. scares like that or any for that matter are not good. glad to hear hes home and well. have a lovely weekend kelly xxx


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