27 January 2009


(not really in the usual form of magazine pull)
but these made me dip into my wage packet
before i could even clock off last week

i cannot underestimate the importance of a good looking stamp...and it is a constant cause for debate at my counter with many customers complaining about them. "too dark. too boring. not pretty enough. too small. too big. oooh those horrible gold ones! and don't get me started on too expensive"...all that bothers me is how to choose who to send these to and how i want to write more real letters this year.


  1. Years, no decades ago when I used to write a lot of letters I used to buy Curston Deckle writing paper to compliment the colour of the first class stamps.
    I may have to invest in some of these……………

  2. oh how wonderful - i love them!!!

  3. Good for you Kelly , I'm loving these stamps and will buying some this weekend honey.
    Reminds of my childhood and all the books my Mum used to read to me.
    Have a lovely weekend, keep warm.
    Catherine x

  4. Who could resist Penguin book stamps?


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