01 February 2009


hello february. i'm glad you are here. (even if you bring snow when i have to get to work early tomorrow)

this is a commission that me and my mum have been working on over the past few weeks for a couple in cambridge. it's a wedding day wall hanging...almost finished...and i thought i'd post a few pics of it before we piece it all together later this week. the spaces you can see are for 3 illustrations that are currently with my mum. i do the drawings then she embroiders them...we don't live that near each other so we get together once a week to sort out our duties! then reconvene with coffee + cake + sewing machine.

it's been a real joy to be given this project. we were spoilt for choice on the subject matter with amazing photos and lots of fabric remnants given by the couple. they were married here last year...punted home...had a lil' marquee in their garden which was beautifully decorated for the party by these clever folk with bunting and birds and butterflies and lanterns...exquisite! hydrangeas + flowering mint + more to adore supplied by these peeps. their cake? don't get me started...to be revealed later!

i loved making up these patches. reverse applique hearts...very much inspired by this wonderful book which i had to buy on ali's recommendation. seriously it is full of so many amazing ideas. i am head over heels in love with this book. the rag boa is next on my list...ahh the romance of february...it has me feeling the need to strut about the village in a boa!

vintage lace butterfly notion with hand embellishment + a teeny button from the back of the bride's dress. i shall return with more...


  1. What a very clever pair you are:)

    Looking forward for more photos.

  2. Everything is so beautiful, love your illustration (aww...everything sounds so lovely, must be nice to be crafting with your mum on a joint venture)!

  3. What a wonderful way to capture what sounds like an amazing wedding. It already looks beautiful.

    And I am so pleased you liked the book - addictive isn't it?

  4. Wow it looks beautiful. What a great project.


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