18 January 2009


i have eaten leftover mini key lime pies for breakfast. it's the weekend and there are no breakfast rules. and i always remember my mum letting us eat what were left of the puddings she'd made for dinner parties the next morning when we were little. see the legacy you handed down mum?!

so this weekend i've whiled away time having fun with poladroid (as discovered here). got productive with some base coating + beeswaxing of furniture. and felt ever so rockabilly listening to imelda may.

best of all it's been sunny and breezy...which means laundry on the line again and coffee outdoors. i'm even sure it's staying light a little longer too. uplifting.

today...happy birthday to my brother ben...love you.

next week...i'm excited to report new projects ahoy!


  1. and there was me thinking Millet Rice was a breakfast treat:)

    Looking forward to your crafty adventures.

  2. Hi kelly,

    I'm still doing the deserts for breakfast thing, they taste much better after a night to go 'soggy'!

    love m xx

  3. And why not honey, after all isn't lime one of the five a day we are all having lol
    Enjoy a fab week.
    Can't wait to see the new projects.


    Catherine x

  4. I totally approve. Sweets for breakfast is perfectly okay with me.

  5. Left over pies for breakfast, so great and delicious looking. Thanks for the reminder of polardroid, it's brilliant!


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