25 February 2009


a recent favourite. baked twice over the past fortnight. tested on at least 6 people with positive feedback. good with coffee. not sure if it freezes...it hasn't made it past day 2 yet...but i have a sneaky feeling that it would for those who sensibly do double batches. if you collect recipes like me i hope you'll add this one to your file. it is easy i promise!

date + pecan loaf
makes about 10 slices

preheat oven to 170 degrees/gas 3
roughly chop 250g of dates (i blitz mine in the food processor)
heat of 200ml milk in a saucepan nearly to boiling point + stir in the dates with 50g unsalted butter until it melts...then set aside to cool for 10 mins
beat an egg with 1tsp of vanilla extract + add to the date mixture
sift 200g plain flour in another bowl with 1 tsp bicarb of soda + 120g lt muscovado sugar
add the wet ingredients into the dry...gently mix with a wooden spoon until combined
fold in 100g chopped pecan nuts (again lazy me...in the processor!)
tip into a (greasproof paper lined) loaf tin about 12cm x 23cm
bake for 50mins - 1 hour then cool on a rack
enjoy with a bit of butter

i don't think dates in cakes count as one of you 5 a day...but pretend if you wish...i won't tell!


  1. I know this will taste yummy, as your baking normally does!

    hope you are both well - we should catch up v soon. XX

  2. I love a nice Pecan, is there a Thursday cake? I am craving pineapple upside down

  3. I will be making this very soon.....

    fantastic photo by the way:)

  4. Mmm...nice idea, there should be a cake for everyday of the week! Looks delicious!


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