18 March 2009


well to be more specific in manchester!

i am travelling your way...for a little weekend break with my c. we are off to a do with gaelic football players aplenty past and present...dinner suits and posh frocks and lots of speeches and maybe the odd guinness...but i plan to sneak in some time to rekindle the flame with a city dear to our hearts (where we met nearly 15 years ago!) i am really excited to see how the city has changed and hopefully how it hasn't in places.

it's been a long time since we stepped out there and i wondered if any of you have suggestions of what a girl (ok. and. boy) should see/do in 48 hours?? i'm thinking along a creative line...exhibitions...a gem of maybe a shop or two...a great place to eat would be rather handy. hey it's only fair as i am giving half the stay over to the st. brendan's team!


  1. Anonymous19.3.09

    i'm off to mancs too this weekend!

  2. Sorry I missed this, hope you enjoyed Manchester (it's changed a lot in the past year).


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