14 April 2009


i treated myself to an easter vogue. i don't buy it every month as i used to for so many years but i occasionally feel the urge now and then and the may 2009 issue holds a gem of a fashion story alongside stella tennant's diary of the trip to damascus...so i'm not disappointed that i gave in to the glossiness.

i only happened to pick up the issue by accident though. i find the covers hit and miss. something like this from the inside on the outside would have had me running for the counter with my pennies...ok pounds then.

to me her haircut is the best. it is inspiring me to go for the chop. a bit more blondiness wouldn't go amiss right now either. i may be armed with bleach and dangerous by the weekend!

(photos :: tom craig)


  1. So pretty! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh YES choppy and blond.....the only thing shorter hair is hard work....and you will be compelled to buy 'products'

  3. Once can never be too blond, I have made an appointment to go platinumish. Please post photographic results of one woman and a bottle of peroxide

  4. Ooh, I think it would suit you, go for it (can't wait to see the result).

  5. that photo sort of reminds me of a combination of 2 caspar david friedrich paintings 'wanderer above the sea of fog' and 'woman before the setting sun'.
    PS short hair is 'the business' but I agree with gigibird - you will buy more 'products' than you will ever need!!!

  6. oooh, am inspired. thanks for posting this. and yes, am going blonder every time i see the stylist. love the choppy look.

    hope you are well. xo.


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