28 July 2009


chewy macaroons for a tuesday. flavoured with a little cardamom and rolled in rose water scented hands before baking. obviously no relation to these beauties but satisfyingly easy to make and deliciously not so sweet that you can't eat four in one sitting with a cup of earl grey. recipe from feast by ms lawson which i just found written out here...please excuse my lazy bones for not jotting it out once more!

and a couple more joys to add to the good things list today. fancy a free stitch font? home sweet home is a new favourite thanks to the link from the very inspirational tea for joy...and for those who like a bit of woolly writing there's a knitfont too...mum are you reading?

lastly before i head to bed i heartily recommend rushing over to the world of miss pickering for a rather wonderful giveaway...do it for me because i feel non-eligible somehow for knowing the real miss p from school days and already being lucky enough to have received two of her beautiful arrangements. hey i even get to visit the floral emporium and fuss the handsome hound on a whim so i definitely count myself out of the running!


  1. no rice paper?
    You must get some rice paper Kelly.
    I almost made macaroons the other day.....they are almost my favourite.

  2. Hi darling,
    yes i am here, too busy knitting to spend very long though! my macaroons have all gone now, in two sittings, what a piggy!!

    love bizelily x


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