28 December 2009


{just click the image to see the recipe enlarged}

our christmas guests have gone. there are a whole load of needles laying under the tree. i can't quite get my head around what normal food to cook. finding that these in-between days can be strange as we head towards new year.

but we are still on holiday here so the housework can remain in limbo until tomorrow and treats will remain a big part of the plans whilst c is off work. tonight we're off to the pictures to see sherlock. and rebels that we are we will be sneaking in homemade popcorn and hell yes...a chocolate orange!


  1. make sure you enjoy lots of trips to the cinema, it seems to get pushed waaaay back on the list when you have a little fairy princess ruling the roost

  2. The popcorn sounds yummy. Enjoy the film.

  3. I'd need such a giant handbag to smuggle in the quantity of that popcorn I fear I could eat!


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