13 April 2010


spring flowers in the home...my weekly treat. these local tulips could do with a little miss p-ing but i am lazily just leaving them to do their own crazy thing in my kitchen. that way they surprise me with a new arrangement all on their own when i open the door in the morning!

it's been a while since i did a tear sheet post and today's are actually photocopies from way back when. in another life i used to sit in the campus library in manchester and pour over the magazine called view on colour...i don't even know if it's still around but it used to be an amazing source of inspiration to me. perhaps with the evolution of the internet it is not such a necessity now but the pages of this expensive forecasting publication along with trend union were a true sanctuary for my poor student self.

anyway it seemed fitting to share these with you this spring and i'd love to make them in to a giveaway package. i think they'd actually look wonderful framed up. they were taken by dutch photographer leendert blok in the 1920s. can you imagine how beautiful they must be in reality as he produced them in a super-large format.

known as autochromes...basically the earliest means of colour photography...red blue and green transparent starch grains were baked in a wafer-thin screen on the emulsion of a glass negative. wow...sure kicks the bum of digital doesn't it?

take a second to have a look at these daffodils and hyacinths too...just stunning.

if you'd like this set of tulips and a few extra spring treats just leave a comment over the next few days. {i'll do a draw on saturday 17th april at 12noon bst}


  1. Oh, I love tulips! I have daffodils in my garden at the moment, but my tulips are just starting to peep through, and I can't wait for them to arrive!

  2. My great grandfather was a very keen photographer at the turn of the last century and I have some of his studies of fruit and flowers….which apparently he won prizes for – these tulips remind me of his work.

  3. i think tulips would have to be my most favourite flowers!

  4. Anonymous15.4.10

    i used to read view on colour religiously too! and bloom, did you read bloom? if only we could get a subscription nowadays..


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