16 May 2010


in your smile.

my favourite month...you are halfway through. this year you brought sadness and yet all around you are still beautiful. the bluebells and the lilacs and the tiny flowers on the rosemary.

i plan on enjoying the simple things even more so before the last day of may. yesterday a spontaneous family lunch by the river. elsa smiling in her buggy with her grandma and grandpa. today making lemon curd. and time to read the sunday paper...well the arts section and magazine anyway!

tonight...clean {ironed...yes i am quite impressed with myself} linen on the bed.

this week. meeting a best friend. a trip to a tea room. sewing. wear a skirt and sandals.

so much joy you can give...to each brand new bright tomorrow.


  1. Lemon and white are so refreshing and glorious together and your lemon curd looks divine! I don't have a sweet tooth at all but I do love it made with less sugar (unlike bought varieties which make my teeth hurt).

    Enjoy your tea out!


  2. sounds like a pretty perfect walk. i remember trips to tea rooms with best friends..
    hugs, xxx

  3. oh, i meant perfect week!


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