21 May 2010


oh that it were.

it is mr peacock's. he who wears saffron moleskin trousers teamed with a floral shirt. in fact i do believe it was a suit. charming. i could happily have photographed every nook and cranny to share with you had i not had a wriggling four month old on my lap!

we read about peacocks in country living this month. it's not that far from where we live and it was lovely to find a little gem that's so close by. i would heartily recommend a visit if you happen to be anywhere near ely.

and so three girls took tea together. {devonshire...with two freshly baked scones and clotted cream} my mum had a little dance with elsa whilst i finished off my earl grey. another day we fancy returning for their set tea of pink perfection...sitting by the river under the wisteria in the may sunshine was a little piece of heaven this week.

and 72 different teas are served there. perhaps i shall work my way through the list? i feel drawn to number 47 {pleine lune} what is your favourite blend?


  1. Squee! Oh it looks divine! I'm planning on going next week if I can swing the time.

    Look at Elsa's little toes! How adorable.

  2. I loved this feature in Country Living, planning in my mind which to visit first! If I was a lady of leisure I would 'take' afternoon tea daily! Wouldn't you?
    Love this post Kelly ~ I wish I had a kitchen like that!

    Emma x

  3. Ooo I'd join you if I could as it looks great. Now I really want a scone with lots of clotted cream and jam. I love my Yorkshire tea, but also I'm enjoying a Green Ginger tea by Tazo right now - its got a little kick to it.

  4. Wow- I'm salivating just looking at the scone!

  5. what a lovely tea shop! oh my the menu looks v. scrummie! hope you & elsa are enjoying the sunshine :0)

  6. mine would have to be number 23 sweet orange please :)

    your blog is awesome.


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