17 July 2010


fabric for a big bed quilt...ours! this year has seen a conveyer belt of baby quilts work slowly through my sewing machine...i have some more to look forward to making at the end of the year when a new batch of 4 special bambinos are due to arrive. but for now i am looking forward to making my 1st grown up quilt. no doubt it will take me forever but i am quite happy to fit in a stitch here and there in order to finish up with something to snuggle under come the winter.

a while ago i made a couple of pillow slips for our bed. very simple. i was gifted the vintage fabric {so soft and i'm guessing 70's} and the colourway fitted in perfectly with my fairly new-found love for yellow. now that i don't have a great deal of time to get stuck into projects this brought me a hit of satisfaction and had me all happy to make the bed so that i could rest my head on the cool cotton print with a smile.

i bought the brilliant anna maria horner dobby dots pastry voile from super online fabric emporium saints and pinners. the tones are perfect. i've enjoyed a bit of wobbly sashiko...inspired by this post...check out a great tutorial too! for now i have no master plan but i'll pop back with updates. i know i'll be using a fairly lightweight cotton batting and would like to end up with something that'll sit aboard just the top of the bed.

and i have someone very happy to road test the result {she who now rolls on to her tummy to snooze!}


  1. my little ones both preferred to sleep on their bellies when they were babies & they always slept longer for it!

  2. & i love your fabric choices too x

  3. Gorgeous - the cushions and the baby.

  4. Oh look at those lovely fat feet (fat isn't a mean word when you are a baby it is a compliment!). What a gorgeous shot....I'm afraid I totally got distracted :)

  5. isnt is satisfying to actually finish something creative these days.. :) enjoy the long project of making something for you after all of those beautiful baby quilts!

    little e looks so lovely lying there in yellow. big kiss from me Xxx

  6. lovely colour & pattern choices for your quilt :0) ooh looking forward to seeing the finished result! it's going to be bed heaven when it's done! aw little elsa looks very comfy there xx

  7. beautiful and refreshing. i really love you color choices! (anything yellow makes me happy. it's my favorite!)

    your blog is beautiful! i've subscribed!

  8. i always enjoy your blog - it has a lovely sense to it!
    missing you - hope all is well with you and elsa


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