13 July 2010


there's a bit of l'amour in the air here. some friends just got engaged. my cousin is getting married next month. oh and i've been sorting through my wedding magazines which i romantically cling to...not for the want of another do but just because i fell in love with so many of the stories in them and can't bear to part with ideas that are a joy to flick through in a ringbinder.
these are a couple of my favourites. both ms naturally.

laura normandin {pictured top} has a blog which is just gorgeous too...i had no doubt that her wedding would be delectable. see the flags on their bicycles? and her lacey basket.oh my. then there's the groom's tie...awesome. more here.

tear sheet two is sophie + jason...you can find more here. in a vaguely stalkerish moment i just googled the bride to see if she may have a blog or website because i'm sure she has a creative background but i only found her on facebook. it seemed so weird to be able to just peek into someone's life like that uninvited...so i just took a little look! for me it's her dress that captures my heart...and those beautiful table linens. picking poppies for her own bouquet too and hydrangea petals tucked in her sandals. heavenly.

on my to do list. i'm going to wear something from my wardrobe instead of buying a new outfit...i can after all have fun picking something for the girl. a new headpiece may be in order though. crikey i'm even tempted to try to post a tutorial!

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  1. Very inspiring, I love the idea of using bikes at your wedding and those eclectic table settings are wonderful. What did you do for your wedding?


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