01 November 2011


i've been putting together a little symbol of autumn tonight. for my grandma who passed away last week.
it feels surreal to say she has gone. she is all around me. this season was her very favourite.
a september birthday. these colours she loved to wear and suited her better than anyone.
i could not have wished for a more loving person to be in my life. she made me feel incredibly safe and inspired and happy just by being there and being with me. even when i was a grown up it felt good to feel like a grandchild...uncomplicated even when things were so very serious.

we are making a bookmark for everyone to keep at the service as a little keepsake. so tonight i am drawing and thinking and enjoying doing something small for her.


  1. Anonymous1.11.11

    I am sorry to read of your loss, grandmas are special aren't they. Reading your post brought back memories of mine - she died at Easter & it still feels strange. I love the idea of the bookmark, & its a very pretty little symbol.

  2. so sorry to hear about your grandma. i'm thinking of you.

  3. Oh Kelly, I am so sorry for your loss. What a lovely idea, these bookmarks. A beautiful illustration too. Big hugs, lou xx

  4. beautiful words & a beautiful idea for a keepsake, it's over nine years on & my own grandma is so often in my thoughts

  5. Hi Kelly, I meant to leave you a note here. So sorry to hear of your grandma. She sounds like such a sweet, wonderful person, and your bookmark is beautiful. sending my warmest wishes to you x

  6. Kelly, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you and your family are ok. Sending warm wishes and love. Big hugs xxxx


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