05 January 2013

Brand New Day

slightly late to say it but this post comes with wishes for your 2013 to be a beautiful year!

i think today has been a bit like the bright fresh start i've been looking for since the calendar flipped over. january's start was full of festive leftovers and days indoors...not quite knowing what day it actually was. getting the house a bit straighter and now a proper weekend feeling. best tablecloth washed and on the line and a walk to a special place to say happy birthday to loved ones gone. cold cheeks and blue skies.

i have many dreams and hopes for the 12 months ahead.
one very random resolution? to embrace shades of pink a bit more...i seem to have stripped it back from my wardrobe and our home and my paintbrush. i'd like to see a little more of it around me this year. no more fighting it. i want to explore colour again and step a little bit aside from my safe green place!

tomorrow i'm looking forward to a new project set up by jodi of che and fidel.
52 a portrait a week. my subject (no surprise) will be my elsa.

and how lovely is the button created by rebekka over there on the right?


  1. how lovely - i'm in even though i have no little ones... i shall capture images of my six whippets :)

    1. that's perfect tracy! will you be able to get all 6 together i wonder? happy new year to you (old) blogging friend :) xx

    2. i have opted out of the joint picture this week as almost forgot - next week i will see how many i can squeeze in to one image!
      happy new year to you too - lovely to be back in touch x

  2. Anonymous6.1.13

    Happy New Year from Kelly !


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