31 May 2008


welcome to my new space. wow. there seems a whole lot of blank space here...i'm wondering where to begin!

it's not quite the same as the first time i ever wrote a blog. i feel a certain amount of responsibility to the lovely folk who followed my thoughts over at notes from my nest. as you saw...my posts over there became less and less frequent this year. it wasn't intentional at all but i had a lot happening that i felt i couldn't write about and so i just withdrew bit by bit.

me and c went through our first cycle of ivf after a long time waiting. the experience totally consumed me. to the point where i didn't really do much in the way of crafting at all...thinking what to make for dinner was hard enough! sadly it didn't end with the pregnancy that we longed for. at the same time my lovely grandma brenda passed away. i tried to stay positive but i had some pretty low moments too.

i spoke to a very dear friend last week. i hadn't called her since before christmas. we both talked of how the difficult times had made us put on hold making contact with each other. we had sent each other text messages with updates but talking on the phone was a great tonic...now we've set a date to meet up in a few weeks. it made me realise that i should make the effort. and that's very much how i feel about the blogging circle that i love. i was hiding away and not realising that keeping in touch can make things a whole lot better.

anyway. on to a new chapter. i still very much want the main focus of my journal to be about creativity because it is such a big part of who i am...but i also feel the need to write more about my "real life" too. for me it's going to be a challenge putting more honest and open thoughts down. i truly hope this doesn't freak you out. i have thought very carefully about this and i just want to try to share a balance of what my life is. good times and bad...and making of course ; )

fancy a piece of birthday cake? it's flora's famous courgette recipe. xxx

p.s. lynn + julie...thank you


  1. Oh, welcome back, Kelly! I have missed reading your posts. I'm so sorry that you've had such a difficult time recently - it sounds overwhelming.

    I think that is one of the hard things about blogging...sometimes when it doesn't feel appropriate to divulge everything that is going on in real life my blog can begin to feel like a surreal place, whose rosyness bears no resemblence to what's actually going on...and like you, my inclination is to step back a little. But ultimately, it's something that I love doing...it's just trying to find the right balance for it.

    I love your new header bar...it reminds me of a cauliflower...and I mean that in only a good way.

  2. I am so glad I managed to follow you over....sometimes when bloggers move I don't manage to reconnect.
    I have missed your posts and look forward to your new blog.
    Hopefully you can find some comfort in the words of other bloggers. Life has its hurdles along the way but none of us are exempt from them..sharing can be good.
    Look forward to more craftiness.

  3. So glad youre back dear Kelly..although im not quite there yet!!
    Your new space is lovely and look forward to sharing new adventures with you.
    Hugs, xxxx

  4. Of course we all want the complete you, warts and all:) as long as you regularly post photos of Bosco:)

  5. Sorry to hear you have been through a tough few months - looking forward to all that is to come.


  6. Oh Kelly...so nice to see you back. I agree, sometimes 'editing' via a bog isn't always the best thing...it can turn its cathartic nature into something more facade-like and hard to live up to when times are tough...

    This new space is perfect and I hope you find sanctuary in it...huge hugs to you and C. Wishing easier times for you in the future, Xo

  7. Welcome Back Kelly! I am sorry to hear about the recent events you went through. I wish you all the best and can't believe you made me my darling customized bag in the meantime. I could have waited forever for that had I known. Best wishes! Take care!

  8. hello kelly, I'm loving your new space.
    I'm sorry to hear you've had some difficult times lately. Sharing is good. take care x

  9. Hey Kelly, I love your new space. So lovely to have you back (sorry to hear of the hard times). Looking forward to learning more about you and your life!

  10. Kelly, I'm so sorry to hear about your recent troubles. Glad to see you're still on the blog action. Thanks for the comment. You should definitely check out Six Feet Under. The final 5 minutes of the final season rate as the best thing I have seen on telly EVER. And yes, I love it twice!!
    (it doesn't seem to let me post unless i log in to my gmail account, but it's jodie over at vintage film!)

  11. so lovely to have you back x
    sending healing and gentle thoughts to you - life is sometimes just plain horrid :(
    looking forward to sharing the good and the bad times with you x
    t x

  12. hi kelly.

    i like your new space, and i'm so glad you are back. wishing you and c a lovely lovely summer. thinking of you. xx


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