01 June 2008


may saw me getting back to making. i had several good reasons to reach for the scissors and dust off my sewing machine...

my mum's birthday (scarf and corsage)
my childhood friend lynsey's wedding
(flower headpiece and bed runner gift)
family garden party (a-line skirt for me)
mini-break in ireland with the family (soft nelly for baby noel)

...and a bunting card for my sister-in-law briege for today (happy birthday b!)

june looks like another busy making month as i check out the calendar on the wall. the special occasions marked out are very much creative nudges for me. i know there are many cards to be made this month and a 15 year school reunion too (i'm thinking a new accessory for this one to boost my confidence?) i also really want to stock up my neglected etsy shop so fingers crossed the wheels are getting back in motion.


  1. Lovely new goodies..its so nice to have reasons to make them :) xxx

  2. Anonymous1.6.08

    hello kelly. lovely to have you back. and happy belated birthday for friday xx

  3. Anonymous1.6.08

    what a twit, i mean happy belated birthday for saturday xx

  4. Hooray for beautiful crafts!

  5. The bedrunner is so beautiful - what a treat to receive. Such lovely muted tones.

    You post about the 3-leafed clover made me laugh out loud - that's exactly the kind of dappy thing that I'd do too. x


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