02 June 2008


today my dad starts a new job
so this post is to wish him good luck and send him my love

when i set to making a card for him i thought good luck = a shamrock...?

so having finished and written a jolly note on the back i went to show ciaran and asked what he thought of it "oh that's nice. a 3 leafed 4 leaf clover"

oops...time to start again

card take 2...this one's much more apt anyway since he's going to be up in the skies again!


  1. simply lovely. i adore your new space and am sinking into all of your cozy words. thank you for doing all that you do and inspiring me left and right!

  2. I actually prefer the first one:)
    Send both!

  3. welcome back Kelly, my heart did a little jump to see you back again. I think we can all relate in some little way to what you say and warm and big big hugs coming your way. p.s I vote we meet at Spitalfields market one weekend and stop by to see Rob Ryan upcoming shop then go for coffee and cake, you with me? xxx

  4. Both cards are so beautiful, I love them. Good luck to your dad and his new job!

  5. Cute! I've been experimenting with sewing + paper lately. This gives me more ideas--thanks for sharing!

  6. just found your blog and am so inspired! you're one talented girl. that's for certain.

  7. oh i am so with you janet!! when when when?!

  8. Hello again sweetie I've just read all the last posts and court up with you and all your news, it's been so long and I've checked in on you many times.
    Glad your back.
    The very best of luck to your Dad.
    And I truely hope the tiny patter of little feet come your way soon hun.
    I'm loving your new look blog and want to ask if you will make me a bunting card like your sisters one? love the colours and style, could it be just blank not a birthday one please, let me know hun. catherine@mollycupcakes.co.uk
    Many hugs for now.
    Catherine x

  9. Hi there nesty,

    Such lovely comments from your blogging friends; fab new site, new season, new beginings, tons of luck darling, love bizelily xx
    aka your mum x

  10. That is so funny a 3 leafed 4 leafed clover, I didn't actually notice the mistake till I read your words.
    I also wanted to say how cute your post was about the newsagents daughter writting the names on the paper, love stuff like that.
    Mandy x

  11. Hello Kelly, i am really looking forward to reading your new blog, the bed runner you made is absolutely gorgeous and that cake looks delicious, I have never heard of courgette cake but I would be intrigued to try it - Natalie x


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